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Why do you extend online auctions by item?

By extending auctions by individual items we try to create a more live auction atmosphere.  At a live auction you will always have a person bid in the last seconds; after an instance like this the backup bidder is given an equal opportunity to raise his or her bid.  By auto-extending bids on an online only, we give the other bidders an equal opportunity to increase his or her bid.  We generally run a ten minute auto-extend, which means each time a bid is place after the official end time the item will extend ten minutes from the placing of that bid.  We do this for benefit for all bidders and try to keep our auctions as competitive as possible.
Why do Internet bidders lose their bid to an onsite bidder when the bid is the same?
This will occasionally happen.  It is not because you or we have done something wrong.  The easiest way to explain this is to give an example.  Let’s say we receive a 100 dollar pre-bid on an item.  When the item starts selling the auctioneer will ask for 25 dollars.  We implement your absentee bid to try and get the item for you at the lowest price.  The crowd then bids at 50 dollars and we implement your pre-bid to raise it to 75 dollars.  The crowd then bids 100 dollars, the same as the pre-bid, to win the item.